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Full Rehabilitation with Implants

The evolution of Dentistry is an undeniable fact. The procedures performed for about 10 years have a great deficit in aesthetic terms. Thus, today's patients are highly concerned with the aesthetic part of their rehabilitation as well as with their chewing capacity and function and phonetics. The challenge in these cases is related to the use of implants previously placed by the patient and their feasibility to achieve the desired result. Often these same implants were placed in non-ideal locations, being, in the last case, necessary their removal and later, placement of new implants in ideal areas for rehabilitation.

Treatment Plan:

1. Pre-Surgical Oral Hygiene

2. Extraction of all lower teeth

3. Gingival and bone remodeling

4. Placement of 4 implants in the lower jaw

5. Same day placement of the Provisional Acrylic Fixed Prosthesis

6. After 4 months placement of Metallo-Acrylic Fixed Prosthesis  definitive

7. Removal of all old crowns and prostheses from the upper jaw

8. Evaluation of old implants and placement of new implants

9. Placement of Temporary Acrylic Fixed Prosthesis in the upper jaw

10. After 4 months placement of Fixed Ceramic Definitive Prosthesis in the upper jaw

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Responsible Team
Dr. Pedro Pimenta
Drª. Catarina Leonardo
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