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Full Rehabilitation with Implants

Implantology is one of the  areas  of Dentistry with the greatest evolution in the last 10 years. Increasingly, the implant systems we use provide us with greater guarantees and success rates allowing us to rehabilitate patients in just 1 day, which in the past would take many months until  complete  your treatment. The application of techniques  surgical  more conservative, without the need for bone grafts, favor a faster treatment and more comfort for the patient.

Treatment Plan:

1. Pre-Surgical Oral Hygiene

2. Extraction of all teeth  superiors

3. Gingival and bone remodeling

4. Placement of 4 implants in the jaw

5. Same day placement of the Provisional Acrylic Fixed Prosthesis

6. After 4 months placement of Fixed Ceramic Definitive Prosthesis

Responsible Team
Dr. Pedro Pimenta
Drª. Catarina Leonardo
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