Find out how we transformed Sérgio's smile

Missing teeth was classically associated with older patients. A greater age implied, almost always, the loss of teeth and this process was seen as something natural and inherent to the aging of the human being. However, in a modern world in which the average life expectancy increases every year, what we observe is the existence of increasingly young patients with the need for extensive dental rehabilitation to replace missing teeth or with very poor prognosis.



Classically, these patients would have to go a long way from the beginning of the treatment to its conclusion, which, in most cases, would involve a long period without teeth or with removable prostheses that offer little stability and aesthetics.


Thanks to the great technological advances in the field of Dentistry that have taken place in recent years, it is now possible for us to return a fully functional and aesthetic smile to these patients in a predictable and safe way. And that's exactly what we did in Sergio's case...


After several years unhappy with his smile, with a clear inefficiency in his chewing and without real answers to his dental problems, Sérgio came to us with a simple objective:


Go back to smile, go back to chewing, get back to self-esteem quickly and painlessly


After analyzing the case, we verified that Sergio's remaining teeth had a poor prognosis due, in large measure, to an uncontrolled and very advanced periodontal disease, which led to a very high mobility in almost all teeth. Thus, and taking into account Sergio's needs, a treatment that would involve the entire rehabilitation of the upper and lower jaw through implants was proposed and all the steps were explained so that the entire process could be carried out in a safe and predictable way.


After planning the surgical case in a digital way, as well as planning the prosthetic phase taking into account Sergio's facial physiology, the surgery was scheduled...

The surgical plan included the extraction of the remaining teeth in the upper and lower jaw, bone and gingival remodeling, placement of 4 upper and 4 lower implants, as well as making two acrylic fixed prostheses placed on the day of surgery.

Treatment Plan:

1. Pre-Surgical Oral Hygiene

2. Extraction of all upper and lower teeth

3. Gingival and bone remodeling

4. Placement of 4 implants in the upper jaw and 4 implants in the lower jaw

5. Same day placement of Upper and Lower Acrylic Fixed Prostheses


The changes provided by this type of treatments radically change the lives of patients. The aesthetic, functional and psychological effects of this type of transformation are enormous. The great challenge of this type of rehabilitation is the maintenance of the patient's facial pattern unaltered, ensuring an aesthetic, functional rehabilitation that is adapted to the physiology of each patient. Thus, the entire planning process prior to placing the implants is fundamental and allows us to have a predictable and safe result, not being something standardized but rather, adapted to each case.


The improvement in the quality of life of these patients is immediate and their self-esteem and confidence increases exponentially. However, it is important to explain to patients that this type of rehabilitation requires extra care in Oral Hygiene around the implants as well as regular check-ups.


It is always with great happiness that our team sees these cases concluded. The possibility of being able to change a patient's life in such a radical and dramatic way fills us with emotion and a feeling of mission accomplished...


Thank you all.

Responsible Team
Dr. Pedro Pimenta
Drª. Catarina Leonardo