Health and beauty

Dental alignment can completely transform a smile. Whether using conventional appliances or Invisalign, after the treatment is complete you will have a healthy and harmonious smile.

Reshaping your bite

Orthodontic treatment is not just about improving your aesthetic component, but about creating the perfect harmony in the way your teeth contact, allowing you to better chew and clean your teeth.

Starting early in life

Many of the orthodontic problems begin during the growth phase of our jaws, and it is very important to intervene during this growth phase. Visiting the orthodontist at younger ages allows us to detect these problems and treat them prematurely.

Plan every smile

Each patient has different needs. The orthodontic treatment plan is made for each particular case in order to achieve the results the patient seeks. At LP CLINIC, before each orthodontic treatment the patient goes through a detailed study process explaining all their problems and how they can be resolved.


The invisible alternative

If you have never used dental braces because you feel it is an uncomfortable and unesthetic treatment, your solution is to use INVISALIGN. This type of orthodontic treatment uses several transparent aligners that progressively move your teeth to the correct position.

Discreet and Comfortable

INVISALIGN aligners can be removed by the patient at any time of the day. This allows for greater freedom and comfort throughout your orthodontic treatment.