Total Smile Rehabilitation

The aesthetic problems brought by old rehabilitations can greatly influence our self-esteem and way of smiling. It's the small details that give us back the joy and pleasure of laughing. In this case, the patient was very unhappy with the crowns that had been placed on her several years ago with several areas where the exposed metal can be seen, wanting to substantially improve her smile in a natural and convenient way for her age.

Treatment Plan:

1. Oral hygiene

2. Removal of all old crowns and veneers

3. Dental preparation for new crowns and veneers

4. Placement of crowns and veneers during the provisional phase

5. Cementation of new crowns and veneers

Facetas em Cerâmica
Facetas em Cerâmica
Responsible Team
Dr. Pedro Pimenta
Drª. Catarina Leonardo